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Every week millions of potential clients search on the internet for a lawyer, we want to insure that they find the exact lawyer that they require in the exact location they need on our website. In order for this to happen we want you to list your practice, and what is even better we offer this listing to you for free. We are an experienced team of online marketing professionals aiming to get top search engine placement in natural search results. We are looking to attract the exact people that you want to reach - those actively seeking to hire an attorney. Where else will they find more information if not on the internet?

How we are different

We are not looking to be overcrowded with thousands of indistinguishable listings. With lawyers categorised into more then 70 practice areas, the end user (client) will find exactly what he is looking for - a qualified attorney for his requirements. Each listing will be very distinctive and will come with a contact name, firm/attorney profile, address, tel, fax, short inquiry form (we will not list emails to prevent spam) and website link (subject to reciprocity).

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